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Thanks to everyone who donated (especially the top donor, Sinking_) to Give Back To Your Community... it was super fun and successful last night.
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Talabrek posted Sat at 18:53

I am happy to announce that the token system is now online!

What are tokens, you ask?

Tokens are a currency shared by all servers in the Ultimate Minecraft Network (skyblock, prison, pvp, survival and any future ones). They can currently be spent on godly tools or traded for cash on the server of your choice.

Here is a quick example:

I have 300 tokens. On the skyblock server I do /token shop and purchase $500 skybucks for 10 tokens (1 token = $50). Now I have 290 tokens. Next I log onto the prison server and buy a godly enchanted shovel for 250 tokens. Now I have 40 tokens left to do with what I please on any server (as additional servers become available).

How can I get tokens?

Currently, you can get tokens the following ways on the skyblock server:

  • Repeating any master challenge will give 1 token on top of the current loot.
  • Killing monsters will rarely give you tokens.
  • Hard dungeons have a 50% to give token on top of the current loot.
  • Master dungeons have a 100% to give a token on top of the current loot.

Once the prison, survival, and pvp servers are active there will be ways to earn tokens on those servers as well.

Another way to get tokens is using the /gettokens command on the Lobby server (/lobby). This will allow you to get tokens weekly based on your donor rank level (This is a replacement for the /getmoney command on skyblock).

**To make up for the time that /getmoney was missing, anyone who uses /gettokens will get a bonus grant of tokens based on your donor rank. The bonus grant of tokens will be available for this week only, so be sure to /gettokens ASAP!**

As a reminder, the Prison server will be available to all this Saturday, March 7th!

Prison Server

Talabrek posted Feb 21, 15

After months of hardwork by the staff and our build team, it's almost time...

Ultimate Prison

Staff Impersonation

Talabrek posted Feb 17, 15

I want to make it clear that impersonating a staff member is against the rules. I consider using permanent name changes provided to make your name similar to a staff member's name to be impersonation and it will not be tolerated.

If a player does this, they will be assigned a permanent nickname that they will be unable to change and will be warned to change their name to something else after the 30 day wait is over. They may also lose chat or other privileges. If after 30 days the player does not change their name, they will be banned from this server until they do.

We will take things into account like if a staff member has a common name or a variation of a popular name, but it will be at the discretion of the staff and if we feel that a name change was done for the purpose of impersonating a staff member you will be told to change it or risk being banned from the server.

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