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can't login on the server anymore
that usually works for me
try logging into another sever then login to skyblock
you poke the sky :sick:
how do i play skyblock
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New Shop Feature

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Thu at 3:39

I have enabled a new shop plugin for all players to use on the skyblock server! The new commands are as follows:

  • /shop : This will open your shop to view what you are selling, or to claim money after you sell an item.

  • /sell <price> : This will list whatever you are holding in your hand to sell in your shop for <price>. If you are selling a stack of something (or multiple of something) the price is the amount for one of the item. So if I am holding a stack of 64 dirt in my hand and I do /sell 10 I will list 64 dirt on my shop for $640 (or $10 each).

  • /shop <player> : This will open the shop of another player, where you can buy whatever they are selling by right clicking on it.

  • /find <item> : Will show everyone that is selling <item> and for how much they are selling it.


Some important things to know about these shops:

  • There is a 10% tax to list any items in your shop. You do not get this tax back if you sell the item or remove it from your shop.

  • Once you sell an item, a paper will appear in your shop that shows who purchased the item and when. You have to click this paper to get the money for the sale.

  • Chest shops are still enabled for the time being, but may be removed in the future.

  • The new command to access the admin shop is /market.

  • The perks shop will soon have new things available for purchase to add slots to your shop and reduce the tax. Certain levels of donors will have these added automatically (more on that later).
eagle4infinity I like this idea because it has a shop history(I was just about to post a thread about adding a shop history) but I don' ...

Major Skyblock Update!

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Sun at 14:34
Hey everyone, today the server has updated to a new version of the skyblock plugin. You will notice a few improvements, changes, and possibly some bugs. Some of the major things to note are:

  • Players can once again use /island warp <player> to visit an offline player's island.

  • Island levels are once again working along with the top 10 list (/island top). Note that island values have been tweaked a lot, and most islands (specifically those with super high levels) will find their levels lower than they were before. Try to remember that everyone's levels have changed, and if you had the best island before you should still have the best island before. That being said, I am going to continue to tweak block values (especially 1.8 blocks) so if you feel a certain value or limit is unfair feel free to let me know.

  • You can now use /island info to view information about block values on your island.

  • All of the skyblock menu icons should be working properly again.

  • Challenges will now reset when you restart your island or join a new island. To prevent exploiting, the first time rewards on many challenges (specifically easy and medium challenges) have been lowered. Some other requirements and rewards have been tweaked and will be tweaked some more over the next couple of days.

  • The /getmoney command is being worked on so it is unavailable right now, I will try to make it available again ASAP.

There are a few other minor changes not menioned here, and there will likely be some bugs not mentioned here that will pop up. If you run into any problems comment here or let a staff member know.
IamCaspian @ Ultimate Skyblock
I'm trying to take the long view about island levels and that it is still a work in progress. But I have to agree with ...
KRMitchell @ Ultimate Skyblock
Prismarine blocks of all types need to be worth alot more.
Fireteam22 MOD From what i have seen is that wool gives approx 0.002 island levels per blocks which is very low imo ( same counts for l ...
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