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creepaboss wait to september then we'll see.
stupid authentication servers...
and once again the servers are down
auth server for me again too :(
.... authentication servers down AGAIN!?
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Stuff: Coming Soon!

Talabrek Owner posted Sun at 14:04
A peek at the coming event...

I hope everyone is enjoying the reset! We are currently working on getting the new admin and token shops up and running, so expect to see those within the next couple of days. There are also a couple other things recently added or coming soon:

  • Today is the last day for the event key gift pack. 24 hours from now, the event key gift pack will be disabled. For this last 24 hours, the stock limit has been removed so there is no limit to the number of keys that can be given out.

  • The PvP arena has been activated as of last weekend. Click on the PvP Arena hologram in the hub, or use /zone flyingbattle to join. Fight against others for a chance to win PvP Tokens, which can be traded to the PvPMaster NPC at the hub for skybucks and a chance for resources and (rarely) event keys. This will be tweaked over the next few days.

  • We are currently working on a major event for next weekend, which will run for the month of August. The event is based around resurrecting the Ender Dragon and takes place in an end-themed world. Players will fight difficult and unique monsters and work together as a server to bring back the dreaded beast while earning cash and loot. Here is another peek at the world of the event!

Augster_ Dang. BuildTeam really deserves more credit
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