since the update came out
banned since Mar 21, 2016 and been over it for a while and i`m enjoying the 1.9.2 and i hate the hacks and I hope everyone on the server is liking it
If anything goes wrong make a ticket then say #blamespeed :d
Well now the server is actually updated so hopefully no more issues
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Repair Recipe Replacement

Rescudo Owner posted Thu at 15:59

With the repair recipe for 50+ donors having broken once again, I've added a command to replace it:

  • To repair an item, hold it in your (main) hand and use /fix. Materials will be taken from your inventory to repair the durability of the item you are holding. For example, if you are holding a diamond pickaxe, diamonds will be taken from your inventory.
  • If you don't wish to repair the item fully, you can specify the number of materials to be consumed. For example, to repair the item with only 1 material, use /fix 1.
  • To check how many materials are needed to repair the tool fully, hold the item and use /fix check.
  • To repair the item without wasting any materials (typically this is 1 less material than the maximum possible, so as to avoid spending 1 diamond to repair the last 5 durability on your pickaxe, for example), use /fix nowaste.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

1.9 Update

Talabrek Owner posted Mon at 12:24

In an attempt to fix some stability issues we have been having, the server has been updated to Minecraft 1.9.2. Some of the 1.9 features will be available, but there will still be some changes coming over the next week. A full list of changes will be posted once everything is available.

Lost Chunks

Talabrek Owner posted Apr 22, 16

There was a severe server error earlier which may have resulted in some chunks being deleted. If you are missing part of your island please use /ticket in game and the staff will refund and help the best we can!

P.S. 1.9 is on track to be released by the end of the month!

Joapple MOD
Joapple @ Ultimate Skyblock
Will try to help to get things back also ! Feel free to ask any staff on to refund what you lost. For people that don�...
GrimmKitty MOD I worked for several hours trying to get back what I could with IamCaspian but I apologize if things are still missing! ...

1.9 Delay

Talabrek Owner posted Mar 20, 16

I hope everyone enjoyed the epic dragon battle!

Due to some unforeseen real-life stuff coming up, the 1.9 is going to be delayed. I hope to have it out in the next couple of days, but it may take until next weekend to get everything ready. Thank you for your patience!

MistbornCat BT Delay is all good! No one is in enough of a hurry that real life would be less important. Hope you can get it all sorted...
Gijs_TheBest Actually maybe it's a good thing to have 1.9 delayed... It is very buggy so 1.9.1 might work better.
Creepaboss96 Hey if personal stuff comes up, don't worry about the update. This is just a game. We are capable of waiting a whil...

As you all know, Minecraft version 1.9 has been officially released and brings about many changes and new items. This weekend we will be updating our server to 1.9 which will not only give access to new 1.9 content, but also add some new features to skyblock.

Ender Dragon Event

On Friday evening, before we update, we will have one last special 1.8 dragon battle. The special battle is a final farewell to 1.8 combat mechanics and has been designed by staff member Sevrene to provide a fun and unique experience (plus a lot of death and destruction). Right now we are planning on having the event start at around 7PM server time (check the clock on the front page of the website if you aren't sure when that is), but watch here and in-game for updates.

1.9 Update

After the event, I will bring down the skyblock server to update to 1.9. I hope to do this as quickly as possible so everyone will have the weekend to enjoy the update. Here is a list of some of the changes and additions you can expect to see:

  • Resource Islands. All players will now have access to a resource island (similar to a large prison mine) where you can harvest basic building resources to expand your island. Perks will enable access to additional islands including a Nether resource island, End resource island, and a PvP-enabled rare resource island.

  • Updated Challenges. Challenges will be updated to include 1.9 items for both requirements and rewards. A few challenges will be adjusted to take into account the new resource islands.

  • New Chest Shops. You guys have been asking for them for a while, so chest shops will return with 1.9. We will be using a new plugin that I hope will be an improvement over the old one. The current shop will also be available for use.

  • Island Mob Capacity. Islands will now have a set limit on the number of animals, monsters, villagers, and iron golems that can be spawned on them. This limit can be seen in your /island menu in the "island level" section and can be increased by perks.

  • Redesigned Perks Menu and New Perks. The menu for perks has been cleaned up and most perks have been changed, with some entirely new perks added. All members will now have access to rank iv perks (it will no longer be limited to donors). The ability to purchase titles has been removed from the perks menu and rank iv perks will now a grant a title in addition to their perks. New perks include:
    • Merchant: Build chest shops on your island. Additional perk levels add shop types and increase the number of shops you can have.
    • Island Capacity: Increase the number of party members, animals, monsters, and villagers that can be on your island (the party animal perk has been merged with this new one).
    • Resource Island Access: This perk line allows access to the various resource islands.
    • and more...check the /perks menu in-game after the update to see the full list of perks.

  • Daily Rewards. Players will now receive rewards for logging on to the server each day, with increasing rewards for each consecutive day that you log in each week. Donors will receive their bonus tokens in this manner instead of claiming them with a command on the lobby server.

  • Cosmetic Additions. $25+ donors will have access to the new 1.9 glow feature and can use a command to make themselves glow in different colors. This glow effect can be seen through walls and is handy if you want to stand out.

  • Misc Changes. There will be a few other minor changes to the server such as a new announcement system and new server description on the multiplayer login screen.

If you have any questions or comments on these new changes, feel free to comment here or on the forums!

Joapple MOD
Joapple @ Ultimate Skyblock
BACONLOVER2002 you won't loose anything in that update that you bought, or got with /perks in game. Every things w...
BACONLOVER2002 So do donors get new donor perks? because certain perks that i bought are now gone in this update and also the token th...
lennard_dk Wow... just wow. I'm pumped already this might be what will make me play more on this server, (considering the time...
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