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sorry for not being on much this week, it's been a pretty busy one.
Skyblock is already installed on this server. all you have to do is log on, do./sb and off you go :sick:
can anyone help me a question I have about Skyblock.. how to install after you download and open with zip exposed many folders how to apply.. or is skyblock auaotmatically installed in Minecraft ..??
MAcs for LIFEEEE :sick:
The Apple Army will continue to grow
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Congrats Rescudo!

Talabrek Owner posted 23 hours ago

I am happy to announce that starting this month, Rescudo will be considered a partial owner of the server.

He will now have the power to make decisions and do the things that need to be done when I am absent from the server.

Don't worry (or stop cheering?), I am not going anywhere!

Gijs_TheBest I am posting a random comment to this news
Sirlevon Congratulations Res!

Skyblock Changes 2015-08-28

Rescudo ADMIN posted Thu at 18:52
  • Token to skybucks exchange rate has been increased to 9 skybucks per token, and will automatically continue to rise slowly as the server economy grows.
  • Villagers are now capped at 19 per island. This allows players to operate exactly 1 iron farm, with 9 villagers to spare for other purposes.
  • Zombie Pigman spawn rate in the overworld has been decreased in order to reduce lag and to free up spawning spaces for other mobs in the overworld.
  • The global spawn rate will now be adjusted dynamically depending on server performance at any given time. What this means is that if the server starts to lag, the spawn rate will be lowered temporarily until the lag stops, hopefully leading to a smoother game experience overall.
  • Xanthus added a command for mass completion of challenges (see post below mine - thank you Xan!)

New repeat challenges command

Xanthus13 ADMIN posted Thu at 12:33

I've created a new command to allow you to collect multiple challenges at once on skyblock:

/cm <number of repeats> <challengename>

Number of repeats is limited to 25.

Questwizard Best command ever. Hands down. I've been wishing something like this would be added for ages.
Gijs_TheBest After long time discussion, all heil the mighty commandmaker. May this command never be removed, and the creator be than ...
CosmeticNinja BT Great addition, speeds up challenges

Stuff: Coming Soon!

Talabrek Owner posted Jul 26, 15
A peek at the coming event...

I hope everyone is enjoying the reset! We are currently working on getting the new admin and token shops up and running, so expect to see those within the next couple of days. There are also a couple other things recently added or coming soon:

  • Today is the last day for the event key gift pack. 24 hours from now, the event key gift pack will be disabled. For this last 24 hours, the stock limit has been removed so there is no limit to the number of keys that can be given out.

  • The PvP arena has been activated as of last weekend. Click on the PvP Arena hologram in the hub, or use /zone flyingbattle to join. Fight against others for a chance to win PvP Tokens, which can be traded to the PvPMaster NPC at the hub for skybucks and a chance for resources and (rarely) event keys. This will be tweaked over the next few days.

  • We are currently working on a major event for next weekend, which will run for the month of August. The event is based around resurrecting the Ender Dragon and takes place in an end-themed world. Players will fight difficult and unique monsters and work together as a server to bring back the dreaded beast while earning cash and loot. Here is another peek at the world of the event!

Zayleph This sounds like it will be lots of fun! Is there an ETA for rollout?
Augster_ Dang. BuildTeam really deserves more credit
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