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Me included :D
Seems to have been fixed now, people are able to log in again.
Server is crashing again. It comes on just enough so you can log in, but you can't do anything
again with the votes not counting on the forum. 4 votes, 0 credit, though I did get in game rewards
So Much lag
You do not have access to shout

Server Connection Issues

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Sat at 4:57
UPDATE 3: I received a response from the host letting me know that they were testing some new features with the DDOS protection. These new "features" were causing our problems and have been completely reverted. Everyone should be able to connect once again and things like voting should be working properly.

UPDATE 2: Our DDOS protection is almost definitely to blame for the connection issues. There are filters setup to protect us from attackers, but they are also preventing some normal users from connecting to the server. Our server provider is looking into the prolem and should be making adjustments to the filter soon. Unfortunately there is not much I can do from my end. 

UPDATE 1: Unfortunately, shortly after I made these changes we experienced a DDOS attack, so I had to revert to our old settings. I contacted the host however and they said that the issues we experienced before should be improved. If you are unable to connect, give it a few minutes and try again, or try connecting directly to the IP at:

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for the connection issues you guys have been experiencing. I know it has been frustrating.

I made some changes to the server that will hopefully get rid of these connection problems and improve server performance for everyone.

These changes involve switching over to a new IP, so you may need to wait a bit before the domains are updated. If you are having issues connecting, try to connect to each of the following: ultimate-mc.net and ultimateskyblock.us
Xanthus13 Still can't connect. Failed to connect to server. Never even see how many people are on. Tried ip and both names list ...

Addressing Recent Server Lag

Rescudo ADMIN posted Sep 7, 14
Update: The per-island creature limits are now active. Islands that exceed the limits will have excess creatures purged periodically.

Creatures are selected for purging following the rules below, in the order presented.
  1. 10 sheep of every color will always be preserved.
  2. No island may have more than 160 sheep, 50 cows/mooshrooms, 50 pigs, 50 chickens, 10 wolves/ocelots, and 25 hostile monsters.
  3. Unnamed creatures will be purged before named creatures. (In other words, name tags can be used to mark specific creatures for preservation.)
  4. Cows will be purged before mooshrooms.
  5. Older creatures will be purged first.

Background: The last few weeks we've experienced significant server performance drops during peak times, and after thorough investigation, it seems that a large portion of this lag can be attributed to a small group of players who keep massive amounts of passive animals on their islands. This adds to the global entity count, and consequently server strain, something which becomes apparent whenever multiple of these players with many hundreds of animals are online. In order to keep the server lag-free, fair, and playable for everyone, I have taken measures to limit the amount of passive and hostile monsters that each island may possess at any given time.

A side note about the 1.8 update: The server is still running Minecraft version 1.7.10, and will continue to do so for some time. 1.8 clients CAN connect, but none of the new 1.8 features will be available. Furthermore, changed mechanics (such as anvils/enchantment tables) may not work as intended (e.g. wrong level costs being shown). Players should exercise appropriate caution if they decide to connect with a 1.8 client, and do so at their own risk.
User Lol, I was wanted to kill a lot of my sheep, because it lagged my island, ty for killing them _GAL_king ...
Rescudo ADMIN To my knowledge, the nether portals themselves shouldn't be causing issues. The main problem mob-wise seemed to be that ...
Armitage777 any chance the kazillion nether portals for gold farms are also to blame for a % of the lag ? ( i have one of the above ...
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