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Cool cool. I need to finish 1 & 2 and wait till Syndicate goes on sale. Then I am dunzo
Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Working on Revelations now. I've played all the rest minus the new two and Liberation
Coo coo which ones?
>.< I finished my assassins Creed game
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2015 Ultimate Skyblock Yearbook

Rescudo Owner posted Jan 5, 16

The traditional server yearbook is once again open! For more information, visit http://ultimate-mc.net/forum/m/10847957/viewthread/25639366-ultimate-skyblock-server-yearbook-2015

Hardware Change

Talabrek Owner posted Jan 10, 16

Edit: The server is once again available! There is an issue with voting but the planetminecraft site should work for voting.

Please use sb.ultimate-mc.net to connect. Using the IP to connect will send you to the older server. 

At ~12:00am Tuesday, Jan 12th server time, all of our minecraft servers will be brought down to transfer data to new hardware. I am unsure exactly how long it will take, but expect a minimum downtime of 3 hours. Note that this is just a hardware change and you shouldn't notice any changes upon logging back in.

The website and forums will remain available during this time.

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