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what is the label address and server password for team speak?
Grats on a stack of votes so far this month kakashi
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I am happy to announce the arrival of the $100 donor package! The highlights of the package are:

  • Custom Particle Effects: There is a list of new particle effects that you can choose from to display on your character on all servers in the network. In addition, you can design your own particle effects on the creative server and submit them to a staff member for consideration. If accepted, your custom particle effect will become available to you or to all $100 donors on all servers!

  • Godmode (skyblock only): You never have to worry about death again while in the skyblock world.

  • Weather and time control: Tired of that storm that seems to last forever? Want it to be daytime instead of night? Now you can change the time of day or the weather to what you want (1 hour cooldown each).

  • Enjin Points: You get $10 worth of enjin points to spend on tokens or server specific packs.

In addition to that you get an extra custom prefix title, additional tokens every week with the /gettokens command, additional DisguiseCraft disguises, a special "theultimate" title, and of course all of the perks of the previous ranks. Let's not forget that your donations help to pay for the server and the plugins that we use!

Also, if you have a reasonable request for a perk for any of the servers in our network (currently the lobby, skyblock, prison, creative) to go with the $100 package let me know and I will consider it.

Some other things have been changed recently as well:

  • The amount of tokens per week for emerald+ donors has been increased.
  • The amount of tokens required to purchase a random unique item on the skyblock and prison servers has been decreased from 500 to 300 tokens.
  • New "ornate tools" sets are available in the shop for $10 each. These are one-time kits that contain an enchanted pickaxe, axe, and shovel.
  • Tokens are now available for purchase in the shop instead of skybucks. Tokens can be traded for items on each server or skybucks. 

Coming soon!:

  • New one-time kits will be available for purchase on the skyblock and prison servers containing resources or other items.
  • Players will be able to purchase prison cash using tokens. The amount of cash received will depend on your prison rank.
  • Key gift packs will be returning very soon!
  • New items will be available in the /token shop for each server soon!

zempire2010mjk @ Ultimate Skyblock
First I would like to "Thank You" again for considering/implementing my suggestion for the /heal cool down red ...

Prison Server is now Live!

Lukey_cool ADMIN
Lukey_cool @ Ultimate Skyblock
posted Mar 6, 15

The prison server is now open to the public!

Type /prison in game to play!

See you there :)

c221203 /prison
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