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Ender Essences

Talabrek Owner posted Sep 29, 15

Congratulations, enough ender essences have been collected to resurrect the ender dragon!

The summoner is now performing the resurrection ritual, and will be finished around this Friday, 7:00pm server time! At that time, the end world will be reset and a new dragon will reside in it, waiting for you overzealous adventures to once again slay it.

The event will remain running for the next couple of weeks, with a new goal of 100k essences required to summon a second dragon. So there is still time to collect the special event loot.

Twitch Stream and End Event

Talabrek Owner posted Sep 23, 15
Magical new monsters await you!

I am happy to announce that the long delayed End Event is finally ready to begin! However, before we open the event to the public we are going to have a staff playthrough that you can watch on twitch. We will also be chatting and answering questions about the event or the server in general. The stream will be hosted on my new channel: http://www.twitch.tv/talabrek 

The stream will start on Sunday at 1:00pm server time (eastern time) and will run for 30 minutes to an hour. During that time we will be doing some Enjin Point giveaways. Enjin Points can be used to buy donor ranks and packs from the shop.

Note: This is a test run for an official server channel that I hope can be used more in the future.

The Event

At around 1:30 to 2:00pm server time on Sunday, we will activate the event. You will be able to get there using /event.

You will start in a safe-zone with a summoner NPC. The summoner is working to resurrect the Ender Dragon and needs your help in doing so. After arriving in the safe zone, you can venture off into the main event area. It is a good idea to be well equipped with weapons and armor, as this world is a dangerous place.

The world is comprised of two islands. The main island has a variety of different monsters with custom features. Every monster killed has a chance to drop a special item called an Ender Essence. If you right-click on the summoner while holding an Ender Essence it will be consumed and add to the progress towards resurrecting the Ender Dragon. You also have a small chance of receiving a special event item for each essence you hand in. 

The small island has more difficult monsters and pvp is enabled, so players can attack each other. These monsters have a higher chance of dropping Ender Essences and can also drop PvP Tokens, which can be turned into the NPC at the /hub for guaranteed items.

There is also a rare chance for special "boss" monsters to spawn anywhere in the event world. These boss monsters are much more difficult than normal monsters but drop increased essences and an event item.

Finally, 10 special ender pearls are scattered around the event world. If you can find (and right-click) on all of them, you will get a special reward!

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