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Upcoming EULA and Donation Changes

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Jun 24, 14
For those of you that haven't heard, mojang is going to start enforcing their EULA more strictly starting in August, which means we will have to make some changes to our server shop and donation system.

The staff is currently discussing how we want to proceed and we haven't decided on anything yet, but we do have a lot of good ideas that I think most people will be happy with given our options.

Everyone that donates before the changes in August will keep their perks and should not be disappointed that they donated because certain perks available to donors now will be much harder to get in the new system!

We will keep you updated as decisions are made, but rest easy knowing that we are aware of the changes and are carefully considering what we can do with the best interests of the server in mind.

rickstolk @ Ultimate Skyblock
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