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Happy Black Friday...now just hope nobody gets trampled because someone else wanted that great deal on an iPad!
Happy Thanksgiving! I made a thread about it, so be sure to say what you're thankful for in it!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :sick:
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1.8 Update

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Nov 20, 14
Greetings everyone!

After months of waiting, it looks like we will soon be able to upgrade the server to 1.8! The developers of Spigot (the minecraft multiplayer software that this server uses) are in the final phases of testing and a working version should be available very soon.

What does this mean for us?
Well, voice in my head, I'm glad you asked that. This means that we can finally get to work on including new 1.8 features in challenges/item shop/dungeon drops/etc. I am hoping to reactivate the other servers as well (assuming the performance issues in the current version are dealt with).

Where have you been Talabrek? We miss you so much!
Aww thanks. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I have been waiting for 1.8 to be released before I get back to work on some of the changes/additions I have planned. 1.8 changes a lot in the code (the UUID stuff was only a part of it) and I don't want to make a big change or addition now only to have it broken when 1.8 arrives. 

Don't worry, I have no intention of abandoning the server! Even though I might not log in, I still try to check the website and console in case there is an emergency that I need to take care of. The staff has done an amazing job of keeping things running smoothly, and I thank everyone that has helped out (especially Rescudo, he will be missed!).
dutchy1001 will there be a public release of the updated version
Nolan_The_Boss Awesome I cant wait for 1.8!!!
Hunter5237 #MUTTON4LIFE
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