Yeah but i only play Skyblock here :3
there's the snapshot server, the 1.9 servers, the 1.8 servers...
It's not like i need to change version every single day :p
depends on which you think is more of a pain in the ass I suppose :)
you can edit the same one over and over, no need to have separate profile for each minecraft version :p
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Fixes and Addins!

GrimmKitty ADMINo posted 14 hours ago

Hey everyone!

In lieu of some new changes, there are some things I'd like to bring to your attention!

1. Enderchests have been FIXED! I repeat, you are free to use your enderchest now without the fear of it being wiped! Thanks to a notification to the plug-in maker, we were able to get a somewhat quick turnaround with that bug. (Shop was part of the issue, so now we're good!)

2. I've made a "Support" tab up at the top. If you click it, you can make a help request ticket for anything on the forum or in game. Admin will look at it and reply to you A.S.A.P by using the email you give, or just contacting you in game

3. If you're looking to apply for staff, I've also added a apply button under the "Information" tab. Look here for how to use it, and some rules for applying.

Some more new things will be coming soon, so if you have any ideas for new things, always let us know (You can use that support ticket too for things like that! And you can stay incognito!)


1.9 Changes and Additions

Talabrek Owner
Talabrek @ test
posted May 13, 16

I put together a post with the list of major changes since we updated to 1.9. You can take a look at it here!

Here are some the highlights of the changes.

Revamped Challenges: Designed to make it a little easier for new and casual players.

Mines: Gather resources to expand your island. Find lucky chests of resources while mining.

Gadgets: Special new items crafted from special components. These components come from high level challenges and can be acquired by dedicated players.

New Perks Menu: The perks menu has been completely redesigned and new perks have been added.

New Token Shop: The token shop has been completely redesigned with new items and additional items coming soon.

Daily Rewards: Get rewards just for logging in. The more days you log in consecutively, the better your rewards!

Gijs_TheBest could we have a vote so the community can decide wether to keep or change these updates? a lot of them work great but th...

Repair Recipe Replacement

Rescudo Owner posted Apr 28, 16

With the repair recipe for 50+ donors having broken once again, I've added a command to replace it:

  • To repair an item, hold it in your (main) hand and use /fix. Materials will be taken from your inventory to repair the durability of the item you are holding. For example, if you are holding a diamond pickaxe, diamonds will be taken from your inventory.
  • If you don't wish to repair the item fully, you can specify the number of materials to be consumed. For example, to repair the item with only 1 material, use /fix 1.
  • To check how many materials are needed to repair the tool fully, hold the item and use /fix check.
  • To repair the item without wasting any materials (typically this is 1 less material than the maximum possible, so as to avoid spending 1 diamond to repair the last 5 durability on your pickaxe, for example), use /fix nowaste.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

GrimmKitty ADMIN  published Fixes and Addins! on News
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