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Update on EULA Changes

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Jul 31, 14
I have been watching discussions about the coming EULA changes and have decided that I am not going to make any changes to the shop or donation system for now. This means all ranks and packs will be sold as normal until further notice.

I have been following some discussions between other server owners and it is generally believed that we can continue selling ranks/items as we have been doing and that Mojang won't/can't enforce the EULA any more than they have been.

That being said, I do have a plan in place in case we do have to change the way our shop works in the future, and no one that donates will ever lose their ranks or items.

Again, there will be no changes to our shop or donation system at the present time.
TheElder34 HELPER Since they changed it we have to re accept it before they can enforce it, but even if they make that mandatory, we have ...
canada_ but if they add it into there terms and agreement that you have to follow when you buy the game then you would have to c ...
firefirth ADMIN The bottom line is, donations can't be changed to the new EULA until there IS a new EULA. What has been said by Mojang ...

Upcoming EULA and Donation Changes

Talabrek ENGINEER posted Jun 24, 14
For those of you that haven't heard, mojang is going to start enforcing their EULA more strictly starting in August, which means we will have to make some changes to our server shop and donation system.

The staff is currently discussing how we want to proceed and we haven't decided on anything yet, but we do have a lot of good ideas that I think most people will be happy with given our options.

Everyone that donates before the changes in August will keep their perks and should not be disappointed that they donated because certain perks available to donors now will be much harder to get in the new system!

We will keep you updated as decisions are made, but rest easy knowing that we are aware of the changes and are carefully considering what we can do with the best interests of the server in mind.

XCMINECRAFT3 XCMINECRAFT3 I love that it is small and you cant grief i would change the prices in the main shop
jasonromney tag could you guys maybe do some monthly donation goal and give rewards to members of the server if those goals are met?
rickstolk Do you guys already know how the changes are gonna be like? I was thinking about donating for a rank, but then I read th ...
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