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@Kubik You have to be chosen VIa the Pugster himself, therefore I have one :) And probably will not give it out, If I do it'll only be for my closest friends :)
there should be a mob arena where players can build and one is the spawner of mobs
/iw expugn?
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Easter Event!

Rescudo ADMIN posted Sun at 15:49
The Easter Bunny is visiting the event island ... but he has lost all of his easter eggs! They seem to be scattered all over hub, and he needs your help finding them! Go to /event once you've found them all in order to claim your prize.

The event will run from April 13th through April 27th. Thanks to Fireteam and Remixette for building the event island and the easter eggs! We hope you all enjoy the event!
zempire2010mjk I broke the POO, mwahahahaha!
frogman79 This was super fun guys thanks for the hard work! I'm gonna make sure to do the challenge every day for the entire time ...
RocketGabe *The event IS amazing. It isn't over yet! Ofc, with so much spare time, I already finished it... But for others, it is s ...
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Rescudo ADMIN  published Easter Event! on News
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